कहाँ का करम और कैसी इनायत
‘मजाज़’ अब जफ़ा ही जफ़ा चाहता हूँ
کہاں کا کرم اور کیسی عنایت
مجاز اب جفا ھی جفا چاھتا ھوں

Asrar-ul-Haq (Majaaz Lakhnawi), was arguably the greatest of all the romantic poets that lived in the 20th century. He is often referred as, ‘the Keats of Urdu Literature’ due to his early death in the prime of his poetic brilliance.

Similar to the other stalwarts of his tribe (poets), Majaaz’s writings were celebrated and attained the proverbial divinity after his demise.

Join us, as we talk through the life and times of the great philosopher poet. Join us, as we celebrate Majaaz Lakhnawi.

अब इसके बाद सुब्ह है और सुबह-ए-नौ मजाज़
हम पर है ख़त्म शाम ए ग़रीबाने लखनऊ
اب اس کے بعد صبح ہے اور صبحِ نوِ مجاز
ھم پر ہے ختم شامِ غریبانِ لکھنوٰ

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