The magnificent and drearily imposing ruins of Tughlaqabad Fort have stood the ravage of time for seven centuries. Constructed in 1321 by the ambitious and powerful emperor, Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, the massive fort was abandoned within seven years.

Legend has it that in his ambition to construct the massive fort within a short span, Ghiyasuddin ordered all able-bodied men to the task, while all other construction was banned. Around the same time, a step-well (baoli) was being built by the revered saint, Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya. Despite the ban, workers in their respect for the saint continued to work at the step-well after working at the Fort.

The emperor, livid with this fact, began harassing the workers through different methods. The excesses of Tughlaq led to the Auliya to curse the Fort disdainfully, that it either gets obliterated or overtaken by barbarism.

Fact remains to this day that while a large part of the area under the Fort is uninhabited, the other parts are generally considered unsafe and ridden with incidences of thievery and skirmishes.

Come with us, as we set foot and walk the talk through Tughlaqabad Fort.

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