Our Endeavour

At Paegham, we wish to share our enthusiasm about India and world’s remarkable and often under-appreciated culture, and heritage.

Through a range of exciting events like heritage walks, interactive talks, literary gatherings and much more, we endeavour to bring alive the vibrantly diverse and decidedly multicultural legacy of our past.

Our Story

Paegham is an initiative that started off as a hobby by young professionals who were then and are now doing well in their corporate jobs

Our fledging idea was born (as is often the case) in the anterooms of civilization (charitably known as ‘flats’). Navaid, the founder, who came to Delhi as a student, was absolutely besotted with Delhi’s architecture and spiritual past. He was saddened by how few of the inhabitants were aware of the treasures that lay behind the city’s modern facade. A heritage walk thus presented itself as the most natural way to remedy at least part of the lacuna.

We would start a typical event with a frantic search for a catchy title, something like ‘Asaryaat-e-Mehrauli‘ (Ruins of Mehrauli) or ‘Mohe Peer Paayo‘ (the immortal lines of Khusro for his master Khwaja Nizamuddin Awliya) followed by a few tantalizing snippets about the monument in question. Ideas for event promotion would be strongly debated over (even stronger) cups of midnight tea.

And as the walks became a hit with the audience, we diversified our events and now do much more than heritage walks across different cities and regions of India.

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