Descarte’s Demon

Descartes (pronounced as “day cart”) was a French philosopher who wanted to know if we can be sure of *anything*.

He imagined an extremely powerful demon who is hell bent on deceiving us. Whenever we see other people, mountains, rivers, and even our own bodies, it’s nothing but an illusion created by the demon to deceive us. Descartes wondered if there is some way to prove that such a demon doesn’t exist.

He came to the conclusion that we can’t. There is no way we can be sure that the outside world exists. After all, arent we equally sure that the world in our dreams exists?

So, can we be sure of anything? “Since I am wondering about this question”, Descartes insisted, “at the very least, I must exist.”

“I think, therefore, I am”

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The oldest image of Jesus

This pic, of a crucified man with an animal head, is the oldest visual depiction of Jesus ever found.

It was discovered as part of a series of graffiti crawled into walls by students in a Roman school some 1800 years back.The text underneath means “Alexamenos worships his God“.

Apparently, it was made by a bully who wanted to mock a fellow classmate by the name “Alexamenos”. Actually, Christianity was a very new religion at that time, and was often pilloried by Roman pagans. Even the government was wary of Christians because people of this new faith refused to pay homage to any of the ancient god, except their own (bloody “anti-nationals” )

The above drawing depicted a crucified Jesus with a _______ head, telling everyone in the school, “This is the God this idiot worships”. One can only imagine how hard it must’ve been for the boy.

Less than 200 years after this event, all pagan religions were banned in the Roman Empire.

How the times change

— Daud Khan

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